Robert Gardner, Ph.D. is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Louisiana who specializes in individual, couple or group therapy with adults. He has over a decade of experienced working in hospital settings treating individuals with chronic illnesses overcome depression, anxiety, adjustments issues, PTSD, and tobacco use. Dr. Gardner continues a clinical practice that centers on helping patients and families cope with the psychosocial impact of cancer. 

After completing an integrative health program at Duke University Integrative Medicine, Dr. Gardner became board certified in integrative health and wellness. He combines the training he received in integrative medicine with cognitive behavioral and acceptance-based therapies to treat mental health disorders and stress-related conditions, and enhance his clients' mind-body functioning through mindfulness.

Dr. Gardner conducts research on the supportive care needs of newly diagnosed cancer patients and on the efficacy of traditional psychotherapy for treating psychosocial distress. He has presented at regional and national conferences on a variety of topics including cancer care navigation and post-traumatic growth.